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Petr continues Wagner’s ‘Tristan and Isolde’ with Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

Petr Popelka continues his project staging the three acts of Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde in concert with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra (SOČR) on 25 March.

The second act of the epic opera takes place over the course of one night, in which Tristan and Isolde declare their love for one another and betray Isolde’s betrothed in the emotional climax. The musical accompaniment to this story appeared strange and chromatic to listeners at the time, yet to modern audiences it is praised as some of the most emotionally expressive and beautiful harmonies ever written, and left an undeniable impact on the musical landscape since then.

Popelka conducted Act 1 of the opera in April 2023 as part of his first season as Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, and will complete the opera with Act 3 in his third season next year. For Act 2, he will be joined by tenor Roy Cornelius Smith as Tristan, soprano Ricarda Merbeth as Isolde, baritone Gihoon Kim as Melot, bass Magnus Piontek as King Marke, and mezzo-soprano Ester Pavlů as Brangäne.